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Michelle Dommisse is an attorney and a duly accredited and qualified FAMAC Mediator. When mediating, Michelle plays a neutral facilitative role. She strives to create a space in which parties in conflict are able to negotiate and agree on a way forward. Michelle assists parties to examine and explore different options and come up with a solution that serves both parties, as well as their future relationship.

Mediation is an excellent tool for parties who are going to have to have an ongoing relationship. It works well for labour disputes and family disputes, including divorce meditation.

At the end of the mediation, Michelle will provide a summary of any settlement proposals and outstanding issues. This is intended to facilitate each party getting independent advice and does not create any binding agreement. Thereafter the proposed settlement terms can be converted into a binding agreement within a reasonably short time.

Michelle’s hourly rate is R1 750.00 plus VAT. It is advisable to keep each session to hour and a half as the sessions require complete focus and concentration from both parties.