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In all of our work, we seek the maximum satisfaction of everyone involved.

Featured Services


We achieve this by personally carrying the transfer through the conveyancing process from beginning to end, and always making sure both parties are provided with a weekly report to keep them up to date on the progress of the transfer.

Drafting of Wills & Winding Up of Estates

We consider your specific circumstances, needs and expectations and then apply our legal knowledge to ensure that your will is drafted and executed in a way that will serve your family best so that the needs of your family are met as quickly as possible after your death.

Drafting of Antenuptial Contracts

There are two different types of ANCs and both need to be prepared by and signed in front of a Notary Public before you are married. To help you begin thinking about the legal options available to you, contact us for a brief description of these options in very simple terms.

Additional Services

Notarial Bonds & Other Notarial Services

We draft notarial bonds where immovable and movable assets are used as security for loaned funds. We draft loan agreements first. Once the terms of the loan are agreed upon, we draft the general or special notarial bond and the bond registered at the Deeds Office. The bond is cancelled once we receive proof that the loan has been repaid.


We prepare the documents for High Court and arrange Apostilles. We also liase with DIRCO when our clients have documents that require authentication.


We create family trusts. We also draft trust deeds which are attached to wills, as many clients with minor children wish for a trust to be created to care for their minor children in the event of the death of both parents.


We draft and review residential and commercial leases.

Notarizing of Documents

We draft notarial bonds where movable assets are used as security for loaned funds and also notarize documents and arrange for them to be Apostilled

at the High Court or Authenticated at DIRCO in Pretoria.

General Powers of Attorney & Special Powers of Attorney

We draft powers of attorney that enable one person to act on another person’s behalf, whether generally or for a specific asset. This is useful for families where a person is incapacitated, or located overseas.


We help parties who are locked in a dispute and wish to find a solution to allow for their work/parenting partnership to continue. We attend to divorce and commercial mediation and assist our clients to find a mutually beneficial outcome and avoid an expensive and extended litigation process.

Agreements of Sale

We draft and review Agreements of Sale for residential and commercial properties.