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Who We Are

Michelle Dommisse

Michelle has more than fifteen years’ experience as a conveyancer. She managed her own boutique law firm, Light Attorneys, from May 2006, practicing as a attorney, conveyancer and notary. A merger with Light Attorneys in 2011 saw the formation of HWD Attorneys. Now as the director of Michelle Dommisse & Associates, she continues to practice her craft with care and precision.

Who We Are

Ruwayda Adjiet

Ruwayda is a Conveyancing Paralegal and has been working with Michelle since July 2011. Ruwayda has worked as a paralegal for 24 years. She started at Fairbridges where she began her career as an admin clerk in the conveyancing department. Within a year, she had become a conveyancing secretary and within three years, she had become a conveyancing paralegal. Ruwayda’s attention to detail, passion for the conveyancing process and relational approach with clients translates into fantastic service.

Who We Are

Kim Kotze

Kim attends to the administration required to wind up estates. Her resilience and attention to detail enables her to ensure that the deceased’s wishes stipulated in their wills are carried out as efficiently as possible.

Who We Are

What's With The Cars?

Michelle says “I am passionate about property law, and about educating clients so that they understand how it affects them. I’m also passionate about my family, sport and cars – especially the MGB GT. I was once the proud owner of a green one called Bullfrog. I think that they are an icon for what good property law should look like: a combination of care, precision and craft …”

Who We Are

Our Vision

Michelle believes in empowering people by imparting an understanding of how the law affects them so that they can make good decisions about their property.

When Michelle transfers property, she attends to all conveyancing matters personally so that she knows exactly what it happening in each matter. She sends weekly reports to communicate the progress with all parties involved in the transaction.

When Michelle drafts antenuptial contracts for couples, she listens carefully to the whole context so that the couple are able to make appropriate plans for their property and serve their relationship aspirations.

As an experienced mediator, Michelle is able to help parties locked in a dispute regarding all types of property to reach a mutually beneficial outcome in a manner that is cost effective.

Lastly, when Michelle drafts wills and winds up estates, she helps people to think pragmatically while respecting the emotions that this field of law requires.