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Dear Seller

When selling your home, we appreciate that there are often a range of emotions that moving brings:- excitement if you are embarking on a new adventure, sadness to leave a well-loved home, and almost certainly stress as you anticipate the change ahead. This is why I thought I would introduce myself.

Having worked in conveyancing for 12 years, I am well equipped to assist you in a way that will make the transfer process as smooth and stress-free as possible. As the seller, you can choose and appoint the conveyancer as you have the asset that requires protection. The purchaser pays the transfer fees. It is advisable to make this choice carefully and deliberately.

The conveyancing service is personal, precise and efficient. Conveyancing is my speciality and I understand that property is normally the largest asset owned by a person or business. I give practical legal advice that is invaluable during the sale and transfer process. I take care to ensure that your legal interests are looked after every step of the way.

Before you sign an Agreement of Sale, let me check it for you to ensure that your interests are protected. This service is free of charge and obligation. Should you be selling your property privately, we have a carefully crafted Agreement of Sale which we give to our clients. It serves to facilitate a smooth transfer process.

We are located in Claremont. I head up the conveyancing department and I focus on getting transfers done to your maximum satisfaction by avoiding unnecessary delays. I will personally carry your transfer through the conveyancing process from beginning to end, keeping you informed at every step along the way. You can contact me at any time at no additional charge for additional support.