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As a boutique law firm, we strive to meet the individual needs of our clients. We consider your specific circumstances, needs and expectations and then apply our legal knowledge to  ensure that your will is drafted and executed in a way that will serve your family best so that the needs of your family are met as quickly as possible after your death.

When we are appointed as Executor or are we are asked to  assist the Executor with the winding up of an estate, we ensure that the instructions included in the deceased’s will are adhered to.

We also attend to the finer administration required, such as:

  • advertising of the deceased’s estate;
  • drafting and filing the Liquidation and Distribution Account of the deceased’s estate;
  • assisting disgruntled beneficiaries or assisting you in ealing with disgruntled beneficiaries or other interested parties in terms of their queries or objections to an interpretation of a will and/or to the distribution of an estate;
  • transferring of properties out of the deceased’s estate;
  • complying with all the procedural aspects attached to the winding up of a deceased’s estate.


Our fees for winding up estates are as follows:

If the value of the estate is less than R250,000.00, we wind it up in terms of section 18(3). This is a lesser process and we charge a fee of R15,000.00 plus postage and petties of R950.00.

If the value of the estate is less than a million, we charge a fee of R35,000.00 plus postage and petties of R1,500.00;

If the value of the estate is more than a million, we charge a fee of 3,5% of the gross assets in the estate, plus postage and petties of R1,500.00.

We normally know the full value of the estate once we have compiled the inventory, however, we like to explain the parameters of the fee structures so that the family of the deceased know what to expect. Once we receive the go ahead to commence the process, we complete the Death Notice, draft an Inventory, and write to the Master to accept the appointment as Executor.